The Relationship Between Musicians and Film

Music plays an integral part in the film industry and the production of films; it sets the tone and adds emotion to the scenes. Even looking at smaller budget videos for social media or smaller streaming platforms, the same rules and factors are taken into consideration.

By paying more attention to harmony, genre, melody, and composition, films are more connected to the emotional capacity of music with imagery in the film.

PRS For Music is a company representing artists wanting to get their music into film. They protect the rights of the musicians and act as a middleman between the film producers and the musicians. PRS pays royalties to their musicians, songwriters, and performers when any form of their work is used.

This makes things a lot easier for some filmmakers to get easy access to music that suits the tone of their film rather than paying enormous amounts towards well-known popular songs. Also, this is good for musicians as well to get more work and to get their music heard in films, big or small.

Often production companyies use local unsigned musicians for smaller works in order to get a specific sound to their film. These musicians will compose snippets or full tracks towards an already finished film, this helps the musician to understand the tone and feel what they are playing to.

Mostly listening to music on shorter films as well as movies and documentaries, you will notice the music mostly being instrumentals, as vocals take the attention away from the film’s dialogue. This brings more experienced composers to film projects to compose and score original music.

Imagining a film without music to go with the emotion of the scenes is almost impossible. Music plays a big part in the world of filming whether it’s big or small projects.