On our magazine website, you can learn about anything related to film and music festivals and events that are happening. Writing news on where and when these events and festivals take place, how to book, and much more.

Film Events and Festivals

Film events and festivals happen all around the world. Promoting the latest films that are being released, on desertrocksfame.org all information on these festivals and events will be discussed extensively. Many festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival attract some of the most prolific filmmakers and actors in the industry.

Music Festivals

Music festivals attract thousands of music fans each year. With festivals hosting a variety of genres and some of the most well-known and up-and-coming artists/bands that music fans love. Being able to see more than one of your favorite band or artists in one place are a dream come true for most music fans.

Independent Film Makers

The independent movie industry has been growing vastly in the past couple of years. With Hollywood movies being expensive and high budget with specific methods of filming and production, independent filmmakers opt to make smaller movies independently. With filmmakers having their own say in independent movies it gives the artist a chance of artistic freedom.