These blogs are highly dedicated to giving the latest information into the production of independent movies and how and when to view them, including filmmakers, events and festivals, judges, and bookings.

Filmmaking Lifestyle –

This is one of the best blogs around for anybody interested in starting out with independent filmmaking and filming in general. They bring tutorials and guides on setting up a video production company and some interesting articles on independent filmmaking.

Raindance –

Another blog that is a must-read for aspiring filmmakers. Raindance publishes articles on filmmaking tips, advice, and insights into the world of independent filmmaking and how to get going.

Film Threat Magazine –

Founded over 25 years ago as a magazine, they are still going strong, but now with a blog. Film Threat will give you the latest on underground and independent cinema. They continued the blog in the same traditional sense as with the magazine, steering clear from mainstream media.

Indie Film Hustle –

This is where you will get your indie film hustle on. They teach you everything that film school will not teach you. Visit their blog to learn interesting methods and ideas in filming independent movies.

Shooting People –

This is the blog to join if you already have some experience or knowledge build up around the workings of independent filmmaking. This blog is a community of independent filmmakers looking for more people to collaborate with. Connect, Collaborate and make films.

Filmmaking Stuff Blog

This is an all-out filmmaking blog. You can learn about anything on the Filmmaking Stuff Blog. They are a professional resource catering to independent filmmakers. They provide accurate advice on screenwriting, directing, crowdfunding, producing, marketing, and more. Even some distribution advice is available on the blog.

MovieMaker Magazine

Probably the film blog with the most versatile topics covered around filmmaking. This blog is not only for aspiring filmmakers but also fans and critics. A favorite among most filmmakers and judges. They cover stories on film festivals, behind the scenes, interviews, directors, producers, screenwriters, and even give insights into financing and DIY techniques.

Movie Blogger –

This blog started out as a movie review website, allowing fans to share reviews and other blogs online in 2012. The blog was started to build a platform of movie reviews and to allow film lovers to share their passion for movies on the website. Lately, it’s more about the latest news, trailers, and reviews.