Online Casino Games Based on Films and Music

With the influence of Hollywood on popular culture and everything technological and consumer-related, we look at some online casino games that are based on films and music. So many popular films, bands, and artists have influenced games, products, designs, apps and so much more.

Ghostbusters is one of those films that will always be remembered. It showcased comedy, fantasy, and action all in one film. Now you can also play the ghostbusters casino slot game. Protect New York against ghosts and ghouls in this great casino game.

The Superman slot game is based on the original Superman film that was released in 1978 and still holds its spot as one of the most influential films.

Rock music is one of the most popular music genres since the 60s. It also has its fair share in online casino games, with both Guns and Roses and Elvis Presley slot games being released in recent years. These are just two rock acts that can be found in online casino slot games. You can expect to find many other acts being represented in online casino games around the web.

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In conclusion, with all these big names in casino games, we can be sure that there will be many more films and music acts being made into online casino slot games.